Handling Linen Par Stock Calculate


This post discusses how to calculate the linen par stock for operations. Some attached also about linen preparation presentation, SOP, and simple formula to prepare the linen par

The calculation of the par stock of each hotel for linen towel based on the budget of each hotel. Using 3 par is a normal amount in the linen operation, so linear turnover is standard and can live up to expectations.

Does more than 3 par allow? Very possible but whether the owner agrees with the system?
In daily maintenance the staff should be pay attention to the storage and use of the linen. Washing in the laundry is also very determine the age of the linen. Ask the laundry to handle the hotel linen properly, do not use bleach chemicals in the washing process everyday. Perform the chemical treatments in addition to detergents with a specific schedule

Here is a sample presentation of linen par preparation, SOP and formulas for calculations

Handling Linen Par Presentation

SOP Linen Par Sample

Linen Par Calculate Formulas Sample